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Every person deserves credit for teaching me the restaurant business during my journey. The list is endless but some who I have mentioned put a stamp in my memory and it's still with me. I have mentioned what I learnt from them here a little bit.
My Mother: My first teacher. '' Imagination is the bridge for every success''.
My Father: You have to learn every day. 'Learn from everyone''.
Natalie Beale (Training Manager): The walking institute of the hospitality industry. Ability to change people way of thinking within a few hours.
Taronish Karkaria (Front office Assistant Manager): Ability to find people potential to their fullest.
Valerie Bell( Waiter): There is always something to do in the restaurant. 
Arnulfo Martinez (Restaurant Manager): Si or No? : ''Can you do this Yes or No? It took me some time to understand as he was clear what he wanted from everyone.

Tourne Jotikastira: The value of money and how to cut the corner from the restaurant business. 
Claud Jotikastika: Ability to upsell in the restaurant.

Marc Eberhard: Never seen a manager who can do so many things in my life. Example: Carving, Painting and the list goes on. 
Sigurður Sigurðsson: Follow your Passion. In the last 6 years, beginning as a rookie and he is now one of the best bartenders in the country.

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