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The Restaurant Academy

Set Program

Set Program

Subject: The Restaurant Academy Set Program for people planning to open or own a restaurant business .The program can be finished within one week. You can send me the doubts on my email address.

The objective of the Set program is to assist people who are’’ planning to open or owns a restaurant business’’.  People will get an understanding of the restaurant business in details and we would provide them with all the necessary information to excel in their business.

WIIFY - What's in it for YOU ? 
Upon successful completion of the course, the student  will be able to: 
  • Create a business plan for your restaurant business.
  • Describe the basic steps of opening a restaurant business.
  • Name, Colour and Logo for the restaurant business.
  • Understand the scope and usage of proper Menu.
 How can the Restaurant Academy help you in your business?
WIIFM - What's in it for US ?
The first question we always ask people. My dream is to create the biggest free online institute for students from all over the world. It's next to impossible to understand who has the money and who can't even afford one meal. I have seen both sides of the coin. I will provide $10,000 worth of education, especially for waiters and restaurant owners.

I will provide videos on my YouTube and Facebook platforms. All of my videos and articles are free of charge. You can donate money for my future dream through PayPal, but only if you wish. Every penny counts and will help me to achieve my dream.

AUP - Article Under Process and VUP ( Video Under Process)

 Day 1 I Restaurant industry INTRODUCTION.

Day 1 I How to name a restaurant business? (AUP) I Video Link VUP

Day 2 I Colors in the restaurant industry  I Video Link VUP

Day 2 I Logo for the restaurant business I Video Link VUP

Day 3 I How to approach investors? Video Link VUP

 Day 4 I Create Perfect Menu Card I Video Link VUP

Day 5 I Food Cost and Pricing Method I Video Link VUP

Day 5 I Menu Engineering I Video Link VUP

Day 6 I How to motivate employees? (AUP) I Video Link VUP

Day 6: How to promote a restaurant business? Hindi Video Link 
Day 7:  The Restaurant Academy Guest Q & A (FINAL DAY)

Author: (Abhi Chauhan-The Restaurant Academy Professor. Not everyone can afford to go to the hospitality school in Switzerland but I can bring their knowledge to my followers.)
Date: 07/04/2020

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