Several types of logos exist, but businesses invest a lot of time in creating them. If people like your logo, it creates a positive impact on your company. The question is, what type of logo is suitable for your business. While a hundred decisions are going into identifying the right logo for your venture (layout, font, color palette, images, etc.), here is a list of the major categories of logos to make the decision-making procedure easy and smooth.

Wordmark Logo

Also known as a logotype, a wordmark is a font-based logo, focussing only on the name of a business. Coca Cola, Facebook and Visa are some such examples where the distinct and catchy name of the company is enough to create a logo out of it. People remember these names and their appeal is stronger when the name is combined with attractive typography. This leads to immense brand recognition. Since all you have is your name to showcase, the typography you choose is very important. For instance, legal agencies adhere to heavy, traditional text that replicates security. Fashion houses prefer elegant, graceful and clean fonts showing style and high-end couture.

Additionally, if your business is new, and you wish to get your name out there, make sure that the name of your business is short so that you can use the wordmark for your logo. A long name may look cluttered.

Lettermark Logo

Lettermarks or monograms are logos consisting of letters. In most cases, the brand initials are used as letters. HBO, IBM, CNN and HP are initials of lengthy brand names that can otherwise not be used as logos. With lettermarks, it is easier to remember such names and such a style also creates a brand identity by streamlining the brand. It is easier to say HBO than Home Box Office.

Since the emphasis is on initials, the font you select is crucial to ensure your logo is on-theme with your company offerings. At the same time, the logo should be legible when you see it printed on a business card. Such a style is most useful when you are a new business and want to add your complete business name under the logo so that people can start learning what you are offering.

Brandmark Logo

A brandmark logo makes use of a symbol or icon. It may or may not have the name of the brand. It is very risky, but it is great for businesses with a big brand value. This type of a logo is necessary when your brand or company name does not reveal adequate details about what you offer.

Brandmarks take time to raise recognition and enhance recall for a brand. However, if you can do it successfully, the style can turn into an important company asset. For Instance, Playboy and Nike do not need to include their name with their logo as they have well-known brand icons. 

Combination Mark Logo

The most popular logo in the world, the combination mark, is a mix of symbol, wordmark and lettermark. The text and pictures are either placed side-by-side or integrated to form an image. Some famous combination mark logos are Red Bull, Adidas, Lacoste, Burger King and Doritos. It is a versatile strategy as it brings together the name of the company as well as an image to reinforce the brand. When you have a combination logo, people can associate your name with your pictorial mark the moment they see it. Since the mix of text and symbol fabricate a distinct image, such logos are more convenient to trademark than just a pictorial mark.

Symbol Logo

Quite like a brandmark, the symbol or emblem logo style comprises a font within an icon or symbol. Commonly seen in crests, badges and seals, they are also used in football clubs. Having a traditional touch to the style, they are popular among school and government agencies. The auto industry is another place where the emblem logo is abundantly used. While a classic approach exists, some firms have efficiently introduced a modern look with a logo design suitable for the 21st century. Starbucks and Harley Davidson are examples.

However, they have a tendency to display bigger details and rigidly entwine symbol and name. Thus, when compared to the aforementioned style, this one is a little less versatile. Being intricate, they are difficult to duplicate during branding. For business cards, such a logo can shrink so small that no one can read it properly without a magnifying glass. If you are a fashion house and eager to apply this logo on shirts or hats, choose a simple design or say bye-bye to your desires. So, keep the design as simple as possible to walk with your head held high with a bold and strong look that makes you appear like a professional.


The Restaurant Academy logo consists of the Icelandic flag in the middle and surrounded by red, blue, white and black. We always believe in giving back to the nation in whichever way we can and country comes first. Please visit Iceland in the future. Iceland depends on tourism a lot and coronavirus crisis has hit it badly. We are a small nation but with a big heart. AFRAM ISLAND !

Now that you are aware of the various sorts of logos out there, it is time to get one for your business. Irrespective of the type of logo you choose, the design needs to leave a sign of your brand. If it is different and unique from your competitors, people can differentiate your service or product and easily recognize it.

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