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How to be a good Waiter?

01 March 2020

What Our Guest Say

Flexible, informative and fully-tailored to my needs as a restaurant owner. I came seeking for restaurant knowledge on this platform and that is exactly what I found.

Darren Talbot, (ENGLAND)

I can't say enough good things about the site and the support that you offer. It has been awesome. I have used other sites and got tired of them and they just were too cumbersome to use consistently. I love the site and all the features that go with it.

Dhruv, ( INDIA)

About Us

The Restaurant Academy is an initiative that aims to provide the best possible advice to restaurateurs and waiting staff. Based on my decade-long experience in the hospitality industry, my array of blogs, vlogs, and social media posts provide an informative tool for those seeking to progress in the industry, or just to simply maximise their chances of customer success.

My approach is split into the following parts:

Solutions Iceland

Information about the services people are providing in the restaurant industry here in Iceland. The necessary information like how to contact them, their description,etc are provided here.


About jobs in the restaurant industry in Iceland. How to get a job, what are your rights as an employee, what should your employers provide for you etc.

Free online education

Through articles, blogs and vlogs, and YouTube videos on subjects like how to start a restaurant business, how to work out the best name for your restaurant, how to take food delivery orders, food hazard analysis etc.

Why follow us ?

My studies in hospitality and experience of working in locations such as the USA, Switzerland, India and Iceland has equipped me with extensive knowledge concerning the restaurant industry and provision of the very best customer service. I have over 12 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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