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Free Online Restaurant Startup and Management Courses

Three tips for every owner/student planning to join the restaurant industry:
Every owner/student must observe what's happening. You need to be '' SILENT '' for the art of observance. Observe not only good but bad as well.

What you observe, now try to filter and understand. The best thing here you can select what you want in your life.  
You need to apply to see the change. As soon as you apply, there would be two things i.e. Good or Bad. The outcome of this is known as ''LEARNING''.

Free Online Restaurant Education

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How to be a good Waiter?

01 March 2020

What Our Guest Say

Flexible, informative and fully-tailored to my needs as a restaurant owner. I came seeking for restaurant knowledge on this platform and that is exactly what I found.

Darren Talbot, (ENGLAND)

I can't say enough good things about the site and the support that you offer. It has been awesome. I have used other sites and got tired of them and they just were too cumbersome to use consistently. I love the site and all the features that go with it.

Dhruv, ( INDIA)

About Us

The Restaurant Academy is the world's first online education platform for people planning to join the restaurant industry from all over the world. We provide free and paid courses, especially for waiters, restaurant owners, and students. Hospitality leaders would guide you on your journey.

What Makes Us Different?

Learn from The Best

The Restaurant Academy's online provides students a learning platform where they can engage, learn, and be excited about creating their path to discover the restaurant world. We create free Kahoot quizzes for our students to test their knowledge. We bring together the best leaders, teachers, technology, and content to create a seamless, world-class learning experience for our students.

Why Choose Us?

Learning from the best can play a crucial role in the student's success. The Digital Era is profoundly shaping how students learn, earn, and determine their future prospects. At The Restaurant Academy, we encourage students to accept this fast, transforming the world and making them ready for tomorrow by being their constant learning partner. We craft learning journeys for students that address their unique needs. We believe that education should be provided to students at a nominal fee.

Our Three Special Programs

We are teaching through Zoom and Skype for our programs.
  • The objective of the "Get Program" is to provide food and production service knowledge to "people planning to work as a waiter or chef" in the restaurant industry. People will also gain an understanding of different types of service and dynamics of foods in a variety of styles of restaurants and establishments.

  • The objective of the Set Program is to assist people who are" planning to open or own a restaurant business." Students will get an understanding of the restaurant business in detail, and we would provide them with all the necessary information to excel in their business.

  • Interviews with famous people in the restaurant industry

    The objective of the Go Program is to "help students and restaurant owners to learn from the professionals." You can ask them questions related to their field. The aim of the show is to bring the restaurant world closer to one platform.


    The Restaurant Academy offers you multiple payment methods. PayPal and Wiretransfer are the most popular with us.

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