If you hear Bollywood music in the background and any cricket match on the television in a restaurant located in Iceland, you know you have landed in an Indian Food Box restaurant.

The hardest assignment in my life so far  is to run the Indian Food Box.  Together, we have 40+ years of combined experience in this industry, but the first year of running this restaurant has involved endless learning.

Triangle of Death?
1. Coronavirus killing employment
COVID-19 has hit the world and we wanted to start the running of a small business after getting unemployed from the hotel industry. It’s your call to either take easy money from the government support fund or you can go and do something on your own.We chose the latter.

2. No alcohol
The alcohol sales percentage is 30-40% revenue from any restaurant business. Indian Food Box is located in Langirimi 21, Reykjavik which is a stone’s throw away from four leading schools. Getting an alcohol license is not hard but ethics has more value than anything in the world. We all decided to never sell any alcohol or cigarettes at this location. We are always trying to find new ways to create revenue for our restaurant.

3. Far away from Reykjavík Downtown
We are 20 mins drive from Downtown by car and getting to our restaurant can be difficult. We get almost zero tourists through our doors. A big thanks to all the people who visit our restaurant, especially those living nearby.

Future Plans Of Indian Food Box:

1. Stronger Indian Food Box group
We would do more giveaways for the people who joined our Facebook group, once every month. We are also considering if we can create a code for our regular guests on our platform.

2. Indian Food Shop platform
We are going to start online sales of spices, superfoods and sweets on our online platform. It took us one year to settle down and we feel we need to do something extra to create revenue.

3. YouTube Channel: 
We want to create videos for our guests who are interested in learning about Indian cuisine on our YouTube channel. We would create videos with different cuisine chefs.

4. The Restaurant Academy blog platform
Only some of the people know that I created The Restaurant Academy as a free educational online platform for students and people planning to work or join the restaurant industry from anywhere in the world. All my Master’s and Bachelor’s notes have been compiled here. We would be using it to share Indian cuisine information for Indian Food Box guests.

Thanks a lot for reading about our journey and see you soon at Indian Food Box.

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheRestaurantAcademy/

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Abhi Chauhan

The Restaurant Academy Professor. My studies in hospitality and experience of working in locations such as the USA, Switzerland, India and Iceland has equipped me with extensive knowledge concerning the restaurant industry and provision of the very best customer service. I have over 12 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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