Food delivery is one of the most common things in the restaurant business but taking it the right way can help you to get the tone right for the restaurant. You are always trying to make your conversation to the point here.

1. Greet and name the establishment

Good morning’, ‘good afternoon’, ‘good evening’, followed by the name of your restaurant.

Example: ‘’Good afternoon, AB Iceland Restaurant’’.

2. Name and ‘’How may I help/assist you ?’’

Tell them your first/last name, whichever the establishment prefers. Next is the magic line for every season, mentioned above, as some customers could be calling you to book a restaurant table, enquire about a party, etc.

3. Guest order and confirm

This is the time when the guest would be ordering food, and the best time to upsell is now. This is also the time to know how the guest wants his food cooked and answer his doubts. Like for burger joints, if the customer asks for meat temperature (Black and Blue, Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well or Well Done), cheese type (Parmesan,Gruyere, Cheddar or Pecorino), garnish (Bacon, Avocado, Fried Egg, Lettuce, Red onion, etc.), sauce (Bacon Jam, Mustard, Mayo, BBQ Sauce, Ketchup or your restaurant signature sauce), and bread options if you have these. This is just a small sample of a common burger joint restaurant. Workers should learn the menu card as soon as possible. Always repeat the order when it’s done.

Example: Guest: I would like to order 4 Burgers and Coke. (Here you can upsell French fries in the combo pack).

4. Food pick up and delivery

The next question you need to ask the customer is if they are looking for food pick up or delivery. Food pickup means they will come to your establishment and delivery means they would like the food delivered to their house.  Also ask the customer what time and day they would like food to be delivered if they forget to mention. In some restaurant businesses they don’t do food delivery but they do food pickup. Make sure you know the basics if you are new to the company.

5. Address and phone number

Request the customer address and phone number for the food delivery. Some countries have a code in the building, which can be open only by the residents in the building. You can ask for the code here. The code will let you enter the building.

6. Coupon

Customers will let you know if they have a coupon with them that they would like to use. It’s a tricky one if the restaurant staff should ask the guest if they have it. The best answer is to ask your restaurant manager what they prefer.

7. Payment procedure

The payment transaction mode is best known in advance if possible. In most countries it’s cash or by card. Card transactions are generally through VISA, Master Card, MC Debit, MC Credit or Maestro).

8. Total, repeat and anything else?

Let the guest know the final amount for the food. You can even repeat the whole order again if it’s a big order and ask one more time if the guest would like to order anything more? Every restaurant has a standard delivery time, often 30-45 minutes depending on the area. You can even let the guest know how much time it will take.

Example: Customers may ask for extra napkins, condiments, etc.

9. Thank you

Always say ‘’Thank you’’ before cutting the phone call and reiterate your establishment name. It’s a sign of respect towards the customer.

10. Tell the chef 

Don’t forget to tell the chef when the order is over. Sometimes when the workers are busy, they keep the order on the side. It can lead to embarrassment and your restaurant’s reputation could be destroyed in seconds. The best advice is to tell the chef as soon as possible.

Common Phone Call Sample

Tring Tring…..
Restaurant: Good morning, AB Iceland Restaurant. It’s Abhi. How may I help you?
Customer: Good morning, I would like to order 4 Chicken burgers and Coke for 2 PM lunch today.
Restaurant: Would you like to have French fries with it and make it a combo offer?
Customer: Yes, please.
Restaurant: I repeat the order that you would like to have is 4 Chicken combo offers. May I know your address and phone number?
Customer: Bankastraeti, 201 Reykjavik and 717 0012.
Restaurant: How would you like to pay?
Customer: Cash on delivery.
Restaurant: Your total would be 12,800 ISK. Anything else you prefer?
Customer: Extra napkins if possible.
Restaurant: Just to confirm your order, ‘’You would like to have 4 chicken combo offers at 2 PM delivered at Bankastraeti 201, Reykjavik and your phone number is 717 0012. Payment would be cash on delivery’’. Also extra napkins.
Customer: Yes please.
Restaurant: Thank you for calling AB Iceland Restaurant.

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