The restaurant menu in detail to explain to the staff. It’s just an example of one of the restaurants in Iceland which you can provide this for your staff to learn. 


Pork belly and langoustine dates, rye- bread and kale

Pork belly is slow-cooked for 16 hours, which makes the meat really tender. just before serving, the belly is pan-fried. it is sad with grilled langoustines. Langoustines are small, slim, orange-pink coloured lobsters. Date chutney: dates +  boiled water. Rye bread crumbles: dry rye bread is processed in a food processor. It is also served with sauteed kale. kale is a type of cabbage with green leaves.

Seafood salad

Shrimps, mussels, scallops are slow-cooked, then toast with avocado mayonnaise. Served with tempura tiger shrimps.

Lobster soup

Langostino shells are used to make a strong Lobster stock, which forms the base of the soup, to which cream is added. Langoustine tartar is choked row langoustines mixed with capers and parsley. The champagne gel consists of champagne and agar-agar.

Seared Minke whale

The whale is seared in a pan( rapidly cooked at a high temperature until crust forms). it is served Japanese style with Pickled ginger, wasabi( Japanese horseradish), dill and onion.

Main course

Rack of lamb and pulled pork

Rack of lamb is a cut from the Rib section of the lamb. It is served roasted. The kitchen recommends it medium-rare or medium. Pulled pork is made from pork shoulder, it’s slow-cooked at low temperature, allowing the meat to become tender enough to be ‘pulled’ or shredded into individual pieces. Then it’s mixed with barbecue sauce. Served with pearl onions, butternut squash and mushrooms and finished with cognac sauce.

Atlantic halibut, potato cake, chorizo

Halibut is a flatfish living on or near the bottom of the sea. The fish is pan-fried and it’s served with a potato cake. Potato cake: Layers of potatoes, baked in the oven. Blackened leeks, burned in the oven. The dish is finished with a cognac flavoured sauce.

Langoustines and duck confit

Langoustines are grilled. To prepare the confit, the duck leg is seasoned and cooked in its own fat. It is served with blood oranges( slightly in blood orange juice), sauteed beetroots, puff pastry, and burned parsnip puree. Most of the ingredients apart from the puff pastry and parsnip puree are cooked together in the same pan.

Tenderloin of beef and crispy thigh

Tenderloin is a cut just below the rib cage. it is one of the most popular cut because it is tender and is low in fat. It is served with Crispy thigh. The thigh is a cut from the round/ lick section of the cow. it is slow-cooked after which it is wrapped in pastry, rolled, and deep-fried( spring roll Style). It is served with roasted baby potatoes, and cauliflower prepared different ways( always changing). finished with red wine sauce.


Dill parfait, salted caramel biscuit and raspberries.

Parfait is a frozen dessert made from egg, cream, and sugar, flavoured with dill. Dill is a herb commonly used in Scandinavian cooking.

Chocolate bomb, sea buckthorn berries, meringue

Chocolate bomb consists of layers of Kit-Kat, white chocolate ganache, dark chocolate ganache. Ganache is usually a mixture of chocolate, cream. Sea Buckthorn is a small fruit( size of a berry). Eaten raw, it is very sour. We marinate it in sugar syrup.

Skyr moose

Skyr mixed with beaten egg white. It served with white chocolate mousse, mixed berries and oats.
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